The Team

How are we?

We are a professional translater and transcripter team of Native & Bilinguals Spanish  (Spain and Latin), English (USA and UK),  French, Dutch, Turkish... prepared and trained to exert the work of translation & transcription, We love our language and we carry out all our experience in every detail.


We offer the additional service of typescript and review of grammatical mistakes at competitive prices.


Our transcripts are faithful to the audio.  We directly deliver the document into your e-mail including a correction of free texts and timestamps if the customer wishes.


In transcriptiontoday believe that every transcription need a specialist transcriptionist, so we make sure, if, for example, you need a financial transcription, the transcriber will exclusively work for you and responsible for that subject.

This ensures that the transcriber know the jargon and words commonly used in stock market and finance.

At the same time we ensure the quality and give you the transcript in due time.


Why us?

By our professional involvement in the translaters & transcripts. With our business concept of global virtual service we can work for you from Wherever you are. 


 We are a company with face. We familiarly identify with our customers are in place in the world they are.


Because we´re not a impersonal website  translation & transcription.

We are a REAL team of transcripters & transcribers. 

Translaters & transcribers team led by Paola IP.

We are teachers, translators, and a broad educational career!