Our prices have a minimum base of 68 $/ hour (excluding VAT) Audio / Video no matter how long we us work to transcribe.


Spanish Transcriptions: 68$ Hour / Audio

English Transcriptions: 95$ Hour/Audio.

No matter number of interlocutors!


We give services in all the World.

Directly at your mail. Word Format.


We don´t round up the price because the price is per minute, if you have a recording of 20 minutes, you will pay only the proportional part.


The prices won´t apply increase for medium quality audio, several partners and also always include a timestamp every 5 minutes.


For urgent or weekend services, we apply 20% the base fare.


Discounts for large volumes, call us or contact us via email to agree on a budget discount.



BASIC PRICE from 0.04$/word. 

Having to consider factors such as time, number of words, applicable discount for regular customer, language and / or delivery method.

We prefer to give a detailed budget, when we receive your translation once valued, we will contact you as soon as possible.




Prices for Services are 2$ unformatted. If you need to format prices by typing service they are 3$ per page. From also we provide typing services to corporate business and other domains.


The higher the volume of the document, you can get special discounts for this service.


If you want to hire or get a detailed quote, please contact us, we will respond as quickly as possible.



The price of services depends on the extension of the text, the level of interpretation you need and the type of correction that is requested.

The unit of measurement that are usually used to determine the throughput it a thousand matrices (characters + spaces), given that a larger number of pages cheapen the price of it. 


To get an idea, a full page A4 format, Times 12 points, line spacing 1.5 and 2 cm margin (top, bottom, right and left) contains approximately 3500 matrices, representing a price of 2 $ for style correction and  1.50€ for a correction



These prices decrease as the number of pages to correct increase,

(For a book of 200 pages, the price would be 1.80$ and 1.30$ respectively, and a book of 300 pages 1.60$ and 1.10$)



In both cases all grammatical and spelling errors detected, as well as content failures are taken into account.


If you're interested, you can request a preliminary budget, and for any another doubt please fill out the contact form.