REWRITE TEXTS  offer the service of rewrite texts, work that consists of several stages:



Is the first phase of the review and is always the same process, regardless of the text in question, the type of media, and the public to whom it is directed. In this phase all spelling mistakes, punctuation, accentuation and syntax are eliminated.


We proceed to check, clean and perfect the text so that it is clear for readingexact to the ideas expressed and coherent.

lexical and semantic errors are detected, eliminate redundancies and poverty of vocabulary and writing failures, as repetitions, contradictions, and so on.



Text and typographical application of esthetic principles is studied. (quotation marks, capital letters, brackets, bold ...)

Is the work of the corrector check that the type and font size to be readable, there is correlation between pictures and feet, there are no white space and other space problems presented.



The corrector does not question what the skilled person, the author writes. Still it tries to detect possible content mistakes and other failures of coherence so it is very important to keep an open relationship with the author to query all questions that arise.






The price of services depends on the extension of the text, the level of interpretation you need and the type of correction that is requested.

The unit of measurement that are usually used to determine the throughput it a thousand matrices (characters + spaces), given that a larger number of pages cheapen the price of it. 


To get an idea, a full page A4 format, Times 12 points, line spacing 1.5 and 2 cm margin (top, bottom, right and left) contains approximately 3500 matrices, representing a price of 2 $ for style correction and  1.50$ for a correction



These prices decrease as the number of pages to correct increase,

(For a book of 200 pages, the price would be 1.80$ and € 1.30 respectively, and a book of 300 pages 1.60$ and 1.10$)



In both cases all grammatical and spelling errors detected, as well as content failures are taken into account.


If you're interested, you can request a preliminary budget, and for any another doubt please fill out the contact form.