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We make transcriptions with full fidelity audio to text in Spanish and English.

All transcripts are supervised by the review and proofreading team.

The transcriptions are always reviewed by several transcribers.

Our strong points are the judgments and courts, being aware of the importance of capturing with absolute fidelity and how one word can change the entire meaning of the sentence; we do emphasize these testimonies.

Sports interviews, finances or medical interviews, current affairs. Each of our transcriptionists specializes in one area.



The accents aren´t unnoticed for us, If you have to transcribe an audio in Latin Spanish, more specifically, where their interlocutors have Colombian accent, you will have available a Colombian transcriptionist to completely give fidelity to the transcribed text. This service does not generate any on cost. We take care of everything.


Typing service of transcriptiontoday is one of the most competent of the virtual market.

Our prices are very competent considering the quality and the estimated time to finish a project.


All our work is handmade and meticulously reviewed.


We accept any special customer suggestion so that you are 100% satisfied with our service.

Of course, we also have included special discounts for companies that wish to collaborate with us as usual.

Feel free to send us your files for free for review and detailed budget that best suits your needs.



This is perhaps the most meticulous work that can offer transcriptiontoday


The corrections are made up of several phases and may be spelling and grammar, style, and content orthotypographical.


We invite you to read more extensively the work process in the sub-page editorial correction and texts and you can contact us for more information.


If desired, you can also send your work to correct through our platform to evaluate it with no strings attached.

From transcriptiontoday respect confidentiality and discretion.